Lotus Tea Light Candleholder by Trine Design

Magnified image of pollen from the Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility

Lela Rose Lace and Satin Shift Dress

Valentino Floral Organza Sandals


Light Graffiti Fashion by Atton Conrad

Graffiti Skateboard by Loren Kulesus

There Is Always Hope

By UK Graffiti Artist Banksy

7-30 luis 1.jpg

Graffiti Chair by Luis Alicandu


Slash and Burn: Beautiful Paper Art by Andrea Mastrovisto (via NotCot)
Paper Art by Andrea Mastrovito
(Museum of Art and Design)

Water Dress
(Gisele Bundchen Ipanema campaign

Designer Liu Hsiang-Ling quite poetically brings out the relationship between an umbrella and the rain: The Rain Brush Umbrella.
Rain Brush Umbrella by Liu Hsiang-Ling
(for water graffiti


Paint Table Design by John Nouanesing

Melting Men Installation by Nele Azevedo
(to draw attention to melting ice caps)

Black Ribbon

I still think these Lanvin (glass) pearls and ribbon necklaces are soooo beautiful.
Lanvin Pearl and Ribbon Necklace (via notcouture)

Penelope Ribbon Dress by Luella

Ribbon Stair case view 1

Ribbon Staircase by HSH Architects

Anenome Stiletto Christian Louboutin Pumps


The Arta Tabla three-piece ceramic bowl set features contrasting glossy and matte glazes, which inspire a sculptural look and feel.

Arta Tabla Serving Bowls

Magic Nesting Chair by Puur

Music Cage Speakers by Nendo
'Like Birdsong from a Bird Cage'

The X-Lounger by Timothy Schreiber


From the Pioneer Coffee Roastery in Yandina

caffeine necklace - an elegant representation of your favorite molecule

Caffeine Necklace by MolecularMuse

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