Black Ribbon

I still think these Lanvin (glass) pearls and ribbon necklaces are soooo beautiful.
Lanvin Pearl and Ribbon Necklace (via notcouture)

Penelope Ribbon Dress by Luella

Ribbon Stair case view 1

Ribbon Staircase by HSH Architects

Anenome Stiletto Christian Louboutin Pumps


  1. love your blog so far. The layout is so clean and simple :)

  2. That dress is just brilliance isn't it! Quite goth inspired, but the ribbons give it a feminine edge. Those anemone Christian Louboutin's have never left my mind ever since they were released, just a shame you can't find them anywhere anymore and they are WAY out of my price range atm.

  3. and probably not very practical ;)

  4. Im assuming the stairs arent actually real, but theyre so interesting.

    The black Laboutins never get tiring, theyre unreal!!

  5. They are real :) The pic links to the architects' site with details.


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